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Xapian::Document Class Reference

#include <document.h>

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Detailed Description

A document in the database - holds data, values, terms, and postings.

Definition at line 38 of file document.h.

Public Member Functions

void add_posting (const std::string &tname, Xapian::termpos tpos, Xapian::termcount wdfinc=1)
void add_term (const std::string &tname, Xapian::termcount wdfinc=1)
void add_value (Xapian::valueno valueno, const std::string &value)
void clear_terms ()
 Remove all terms (and postings) from the document.
void clear_values ()
 Remove all values associated with the document.
 Document ()
 Make a new empty Document.
 Document (const Document &other)
 Document (Internal *internal_)
std::string get_data () const
std::string get_description () const
std::string get_value (Xapian::valueno value) const
 Get value by number (>= 0).
void operator= (const Document &other)
void remove_posting (const std::string &tname, Xapian::termpos tpos, Xapian::termcount wdfdec=1)
void remove_term (const std::string &tname)
void remove_value (Xapian::valueno valueno)
 Remove any value with the given number.
void set_data (const std::string &data)
 Set data stored in the document.
TermIterator termlist_begin () const
 Iterator for the terms in this document.
Xapian::termcount termlist_count () const
 Count the terms in this document.
TermIterator termlist_end () const
 Equivalent end iterator for termlist_begin().
ValueIterator values_begin () const
 Iterator for the values in this document.
Xapian::termcount values_count () const
 Count the values in this document.
ValueIterator values_end () const
 Equivalent end iterator for values_begin().
 XAPIAN_DEPRECATED (void add_term_nopos(const std::string &term, Xapian::termcount wdfinc=1))
 ~Document ()

Public Attributes

< Internal


class  Internal
 A document in the database, possibly plus modifications. More...

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