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/* omenquireinternal.h: Internals
 * Copyright 1999,2000,2001 BrightStation PLC
 * Copyright 2001,2002 Ananova Ltd
 * Copyright 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006 Olly Betts
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
 * License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301
 * USA


#include <xapian/database.h>
#include <xapian/document.h>
#include <xapian/enquire.h>
#include <xapian/query.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <math.h>
#include <map>
#include <set>

using namespace std;

class OmExpand;
class RSetI;
class MultiMatch;

namespace Xapian {

class ErrorHandler;
class TermIterator;

namespace Internal {
/** An item in the ESet.
 *  This item contains the termname, and the weight calculated for
 *  the document.
00052 class ESetItem {
      ESetItem(Xapian::weight wt_, string tname_) : wt(wt_), tname(tname_) { }
      /// Weight calculated.
00056       Xapian::weight wt;
      /// Term suggested.
00058       string tname;

      /** Returns a string representing the eset item.
       *  Introspection method.
      string get_description() const;

/** An item resulting from a query.
 *  This item contains the document id, and the weight calculated for
 *  the document.
00070 class MSetItem {
      MSetItem(Xapian::weight wt_, Xapian::docid did_)
            : wt(wt_), did(did_), collapse_count(0) {}

      MSetItem(Xapian::weight wt_, Xapian::docid did_, const string &key_)
            : wt(wt_), did(did_), collapse_key(key_), collapse_count(0) {}

      MSetItem(Xapian::weight wt_, Xapian::docid did_, const string &key_,
             Xapian::doccount collapse_count_)
            : wt(wt_), did(did_), collapse_key(key_),
              collapse_count(collapse_count_) {}

      /** Weight calculated. */
00084       Xapian::weight wt;

      /** Document id. */
00087       Xapian::docid did;

      /** Value which was used to collapse upon.
       *  If the collapse option is not being used, this will always
       *  have a null value.
       *  If the collapse option is in use, this will contain the collapse
       *  key's value for this particular item.  If the key is not present
       *  for this item, the value will be a null string.  Only one instance
       *  of each key value (apart from the null string) will be present in
       *  the items in the returned Xapian::MSet.
00100       string collapse_key;

      /** Count of collapses done on collapse_key so far
       * This is normally 0, and goes up for each collapse done
       * It is not neccessarily an indication of how many collapses
       * might be done if an exhaustive match was done
00108       Xapian::doccount collapse_count;

      /** Used when sorting by value. */
      /* FIXME: why not just cache the Xapian::Document here!?! */
00112       string sort_key;

      /** Returns a string representing the mset item.
       *  Introspection method.
      string get_description() const;


/** Internals of enquire system.
 *  This allows the implementation of Xapian::Enquire to be hidden and reference
 *  counted.
00126 class Enquire::Internal : public Xapian::Internal::RefCntBase {
      /// The database which this enquire object uses.
00129       const Xapian::Database db;

      /// The user's query.
00132       Query query;

      /// The query length.
00135       termcount qlen;

      /// Copy not allowed
      Internal(const Internal &);
      /// Assignment not allowed
      void operator=(const Internal &);

      typedef enum { REL, VAL, VAL_REL, REL_VAL } sort_setting;

      Xapian::valueno collapse_key;

      Xapian::Enquire::docid_order order;

      percent percent_cutoff;

      Xapian::weight weight_cutoff;

      Xapian::valueno sort_key;
      sort_setting sort_by;
      bool sort_value_forward;

      time_t bias_halflife;
      Xapian::weight bias_weight;

      /** The error handler, if set.  (0 if not set).
00162       ErrorHandler * errorhandler;

      map<string, const MatchDecider *> mdecider_map;

      mutable Weight * weight; // mutable so get_mset can set default

      Internal(const Xapian::Database &databases, ErrorHandler * errorhandler_);

      /** Request a document from the database.
      void request_doc(const Xapian::Internal::MSetItem &item) const;

      /** Read a previously requested document from the database.
      Xapian::Document read_doc(const Xapian::Internal::MSetItem &item) const;

      void set_query(const Query & query_, termcount qlen_);
      const Query & get_query();
      MSet get_mset(Xapian::doccount first, Xapian::doccount maxitems,
                  Xapian::doccount check_at_least,
                  const RSet *omrset, const MatchDecider *mdecider) const;
      ESet get_eset(Xapian::termcount maxitems, const RSet & omrset, int flags,
                  double k, const ExpandDecider *edecider) const;

      TermIterator get_matching_terms(Xapian::docid did) const;
      TermIterator get_matching_terms(const Xapian::MSetIterator &it) const;

      void register_match_decider(const string &name,
                            const MatchDecider *mdecider);
      string get_description() const;

class MSet::Internal : public Xapian::Internal::RefCntBase {
      /// Factor to multiply weights by to convert them to percentages.
      double percent_factor;

      /** The set of documents which have been requested but not yet
       *  collected.
      mutable set<Xapian::doccount> requested_docs;

      /// Cache of documents, indexed by MSet index.
      mutable map<Xapian::doccount, Xapian::Document> indexeddocs;

      /// Read and cache the documents so far requested.
      void read_docs() const;

      /// Copy not allowed
      Internal(const Internal &);
      /// Assignment not allowed
      void operator=(const Internal &);

      /// Xapian::Enquire reference, for getting documents.
      Xapian::Internal::RefCntPtr<const Enquire::Internal> enquire;

      /** A structure containing the term frequency and weight for a
       *  given query term.
00224       struct TermFreqAndWeight {
          Xapian::doccount termfreq;
          Xapian::weight termweight;

      /** The term frequencies and weights returned by the match process.
       *  This map will contain information for each term which was in
       *  the query.
      map<string, TermFreqAndWeight> termfreqandwts;

      /// A list of items comprising the (selected part of the) mset.
      vector<Xapian::Internal::MSetItem> items;

      /// Rank of first item in Mset.
      Xapian::doccount firstitem;

      Xapian::doccount matches_lower_bound;

      Xapian::doccount matches_estimated;

      Xapian::doccount matches_upper_bound;

      Xapian::weight max_possible;

      Xapian::weight max_attained;

            : percent_factor(0),
              max_attained(0) {}

      Internal(Xapian::doccount firstitem_,
           Xapian::doccount matches_upper_bound_,
           Xapian::doccount matches_lower_bound_,
           Xapian::doccount matches_estimated_,
           Xapian::weight max_possible_,
           Xapian::weight max_attained_,
           const vector<Xapian::Internal::MSetItem> &items_,
           const map<string, TermFreqAndWeight> &termfreqandwts_,
           Xapian::weight percent_factor_)
            : percent_factor(percent_factor_),
              max_attained(max_attained_) {}

      /// get a document by index in mset, via the cache.
      Xapian::Document get_doc_by_index(Xapian::doccount index) const;

      /// Converts a weight to a percentage weight
      percent convert_to_percent_internal(Xapian::weight wt) const;

      /** Returns a string representing the mset.
       *  Introspection method.
      string get_description() const;

      /** Fetch items specified into the document cache.
      void fetch_items(Xapian::doccount first, Xapian::doccount last) const;

class ESet::Internal : public Xapian::Internal::RefCntBase {
    friend class ESet;
    friend class ESetIterator;
    friend class ::OmExpand;
      /// A list of items comprising the (selected part of the) eset.
      vector<Xapian::Internal::ESetItem> items;

      /** A lower bound on the number of terms which are in the full
       *  set of results of the expand.  This will be greater than or
       *  equal to items.size()
      Xapian::termcount ebound;

      Internal() : ebound(0) {}

      /** Returns a string representing the eset.
       *  Introspection method.
      string get_description() const;

class RSet::Internal : public Xapian::Internal::RefCntBase {
    friend class Xapian::RSet;

      /// Items in the relevance set.
      set<Xapian::docid> items;

      const set<Xapian::docid> & get_items() const { return items; }
      /** Returns a string representing the rset.
       *  Introspection method.
      string get_description() const;



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