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/** @file remote-database.h
 *  @brief RemoteDatabase is the baseclass for remote database implementations.
/* Copyright (C) 2006 Olly Betts
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
 * License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301 USA


#include "database.h"
#include "omenquireinternal.h"
#include "omqueryinternal.h"
#include "omtime.h"
#include "remoteconnection.h"

namespace Xapian {
    class RSet;
    class Weight;

class Stats;

/** RemoteDatabase is the baseclass for remote database implementations.
 *  A subclass of this class is required which opens a tcp connection or
 *  pipe to the remote database server.  This subclass works in combination
 *  with the RemoteSubMatch class during the match process.
00043 class RemoteDatabase : public Xapian::Database::Internal {
    /// Don't allow assignment.
    void operator=(const RemoteDatabase &);

    /// Don't allow copying.
    RemoteDatabase(const RemoteDatabase &);

    /// The object which does the I/O.
00051     mutable RemoteConnection link;

    /// The remote document count, given at open.
00054     mutable Xapian::doccount doccount;

    /// The remote document avlength, given at open.
00057     mutable Xapian::doclength avlength;

    /// Has positional information?
00060     mutable bool has_positional_info;

    /** Spawn a program and return a filedescriptor of
     *  the local end of a socket to it.
    int get_spawned_socket(string progname, const string & arg);

    /// The context to return with any error messages
00068     string context;

    mutable bool cached_stats_valid;

    void update_stats(message_type msg_code = MSG_UPDATE) const;

    /** Constructor.  The constructor is protected so that raw instances
     *  can't be created - a derived class must be instantiated which
     *  has code in the constructor to open the socket.
     *  @param fd The file descriptor for the connection to the server.
     *  @param timeout_ The timeout used with the network operations.
     *                       Generally a Xapian::NetworkTimeout exception will
     *                       be thrown if the remote end doesn't respond
     *                       for this length of time (in milliseconds).
     *  @param context_     The context to return with any error messages.
    RemoteDatabase(int fd, Xapian::timeout timeout_, const string & context_);

    /// Receive a message from the server.
    reply_type get_message(string & message, reply_type required_type = REPLY_MAX) const;

    /// Send a message to the server.
    void send_message(message_type type, const string & data) const;

    /// Close the socket
    void do_close();

    bool get_posting(Xapian::docid &did, Xapian::weight &w, string &value);

    /// The timeout value used in network communications, in milliseconds
00100     Xapian::timeout timeout;

    /** The time at which the current operation will time out.
     *  If !end_time.is_set(), then no timeout is currently set.
00106     mutable OmTime end_time;

    /// Return this pointer as a RemoteDatabase*.
    RemoteDatabase * as_remotedatabase();

    /// Send a keep-alive message.
    void keep_alive();

    /** Set the query
     * @param query                 The query.
     * @param qlen                  The query length.
     * @param collapse_key          The value number to collapse matches on.
     * @param order                 Sort order for docids.
     * @param sort_key              The value number to sort on.
     * @param sort_by               Which order to apply sorts in.
     * @param sort_value_forward    Sort order for values.
     * @param percent_cutoff        Percentage cutoff.
     * @param weight_cutoff         Weight cutoff.
     * @param wtscheme              Weighting scheme.
     * @param omrset                The rset.
    void set_query(const Xapian::Query::Internal *query,
               Xapian::termcount qlen,
               Xapian::valueno collapse_key,
               Xapian::Enquire::docid_order order,
               Xapian::valueno sort_key,
               Xapian::Enquire::Internal::sort_setting sort_by,
               bool sort_value_forward,
               int percent_cutoff, Xapian::weight weight_cutoff,
               const Xapian::Weight *wtscheme,
               const Xapian::RSet &omrset);

    /** Get the Stats from the remote server.
     *  @return   true if we got the remote stats; false if we should try again.
    bool get_remote_stats(bool nowait, Stats &out);

    /// Send the global Stats to the remote server.
    void send_global_stats(Xapian::doccount first,
                     Xapian::doccount maxitems,
                     const Stats &stats);

    /// Get the MSet from the remote server.
    void get_mset(Xapian::MSet &mset);

    /// Get remote termlist.
    LeafTermList * open_term_list(Xapian::docid did) const;

    /// Iterate all terms.
    TermList * open_allterms() const;

    bool has_positions() const;

    void reopen();

    LeafPostList * do_open_post_list(const string & tname) const;

    PositionList * open_position_list(Xapian::docid did,
                              const string & tname) const;

    /// Get a remote document.
    Xapian::Document::Internal * open_document(Xapian::docid did, bool lazy) const;

    /// Get the document count.
    Xapian::doccount get_doccount() const;

    /// Find out the remote average document length.
    Xapian::doclength get_avlength() const;

    Xapian::doclength get_doclength(Xapian::docid did) const;

    /// Check if term exists.
    bool term_exists(const string & tname) const;

    /// Find frequency of term.
    Xapian::doccount get_termfreq(const string & tname) const;

    Xapian::termcount get_collection_freq(const string & tname) const;

    void flush();

    void cancel();

    Xapian::docid add_document(const Xapian::Document & doc);

    void delete_document(Xapian::docid did);

    void replace_document(Xapian::docid did, const Xapian::Document & doc);


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